Kongiganak Wind Heat System

Kongiganak Wind Heat SystemOn the outer coast where the weather from the “Deadliest Catch” meets the land is Kongiganak, Alaska. It is 90 miles from any road and 500 miles from any road system. Its over 400 inhabitants had relied only on diesel as a source of electrical power and for heat in residential homes. Diesel arrives by barge twice a year and retails for about $7.00 per gallon. The Puvurnaq Power Company contracted with IES to install:

  • 5 Windmatic 95kW wind turbines
  • 1 Load Regulator for balancing the micro-grid
  • 20 Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) stoves
  • SCADA computer to visualize and control all the components
  • A Smart Metering system

Wind penetration for the community electrical grid is 30-40% resulting in significant monetary savings for a small utility plagued by debt. Also, the ETS units have provided ½ price heat for community elders and members where heating costs are the primary expense in the winter. In fact, the ETS units are so popular the village is in the early stage of expanding the ETS stove installation to 50 homes. Finally, the smart meters help with remote disconnection and connection, automatic meter reading, and advanced analytics for the entire community.

IES is proud to have provided long-term, sustainable, energy solutions and one of the most advanced, holistic, high-tech systems in North America. This was done in collaboration with the village of Kongiganak while striving to empower Yup’ik people and provide steady employment.