Tuntutuliak Wind Heat System

Tuntutuliak Wind Heat SystemIn a roadless area near the Kuskokwim River, as it widens into a delta, lies Tuntutuliak, Alaska. Its nearly 400 inhabitants had relied only on diesel as a source of electrical power and for heat in residential homes. Diesel arrives by barge twice a year and retails for about $7.00 per gallon. The Tuntutuliak Community Service Association contracted with IES to install:

  • 5 Windmatic 95kW wind turbines
  • 1 Load Regulator for balancing the micro-grid
  • 30 Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) stoves
  • SCADA computer to visualize and control all the components
  • A Smart Metering system
  • New switchgear and upgrades to stabilize their power plant

Electric thermal storage for Wind Heat SystemWind penetration for the community electrical grid is approximately 30% resulting in monetary savings for a utility plagued by debt. The ETS units have provided ½ price heat for community elders and members where heating costs are the primary expense in the winter. The smart meters enable a remote disconnection and connection, automatic meter reading, and advanced analytics for the entire community.

IES is proud to have provided long-term, sustainable energy solutions and one of the most advanced, holistic, high-tech systems in North America. This was done in collaboration with the village of Tuntutuliak while striving to empower Yup’ik people and provide steady employment.