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Local Labor of Love

With a population of about 700, Kipnuk, Alaska requires a larger wind-energy system than its neighboring communities.

Kipnuk installed six Windmatic 95 kW Wind Turbines, while nearby communities have just 4 or 5. Kipnuk also chose to install a greater number of households with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) stoves. 


IES worked with Kipnuk residents to make this ambitious renewable energy system a reality; this included hiring as many locals as possible to construct the new system.


Residents headed up crews to install the turbines and the increased production at the power plant required adding two part-time jobs for residents.


Ongoing system improvements and training provide opportunities for cost savings, long-term sustainable energy solutions, community development, and additional employment for Kipnuk's community members.

In 2019-20, Kipnuk was able to use its Community Center for the first time in winter. With IES’ help we installed ETS heat stoves - powered from our wind turbines – making our Community Center comfortable and economical!

Burt Paul
Utility Manager, Kipnuk Light Plant
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