Community Solutions

Tuntutuliak (Tunt) lies where the Kuskokwim River widens into the delta on its way to the Bering Sea. Diesel fuel can retail for up to $7/gallon in this roadless region. This puts excessive economic pressure on Tunt's nearly 500 residents, and why they sought alternative energy solutions, allowing them to break their decades-long dependence on diesel for electrical power and heat.


Tunt worked with IES to create a new hybrid wind-diesel-heat system, including 30 Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) stoves. ETS units are super-insulated blocks that are placed in individual homes and community buildings. They deliver surplus energy generated by the wind turbines and have provided reliable half-price heat for community elders and others with high winter heat needs. ETS units proved so popular in Tunt that IES has install over 150 additional units throughout the region.